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Online Testing and Assessment  
TESTmate | Other Links for online testing | Testing Service Model | Benefits of using TESTmate
Web-based programs offering Students and Instructors a distinct advantage over regular pencil-paper based tests or other online tests.
  • Accessible anywhere via the Web.
  • No Installation of software.
  • Saves time.
  • Cost effective.

Nurturing the habit of winning

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E-TESTING SERVICE for Student Assessment for prestigious entrance examinations such as IIT-JEE, AIEEE, PMT, CPMT, SEE, CET, NTSE etc. It provides distinct advantages over regular pencil-paper based tests or other online tests. It not only helps students to improve their efficiency, but it helps them to improve their understanding of the given subject.

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"Testmate" is based on powerful technology web software that makes it surpass the features available in any other engine currently available on the net. The special features of this unique testing module are mentioned below
  • FREE User Registration.
  • TRY before BUY policy of Testmate: As a registered user, one can also take various Tests that available for demonstration purposes.
  • Test data contains extensive logic with different difficulty levels, topic priorities and subject priority settings.
  • Automatic Paper Setting with new questions coming in each test-paper.
  • Performance record details carry information's like questions presented, questions attempted, questions correct, percentage of accuracy and marks.
  • Graphical and tabulated analysis tools with comparison of scores with own self and with other users.
  • Review of questions presented in a session is available with detailed solutions where ever applicable.
  • Answer keys are shown in each review session.
  • And many More.....Log on to: www.testmate.in

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Other links for online testing  
What is Testmate?

This is a site on internet that can be used by a competitive entrance examination aspirant for effective preparation and assessment by repeatedly attempting the mock tests that are dynamically generated by the website and then review his answers and solutions to tests. The site allows detailed performance analysis and comparison of results from self and other users of the site to provide a way to objectively assess improvent of knowledge. This site allows a registered user to take practice-sessions for various competitive entrance examinations such as IIT-JEE, AIEEE, PMT, CPMT, SEE, CET, CIVIL SERVICES PRELIMS, NTSE etc.

How to start using Testmate.in?

Just fill an online form to register yourself and follow the simple on-screen instructions to take some Free Demonstration tests. If you are convinced of the power of testmate engine, then you can go ahead and buy a starter kit to have a real feel of full version of tests.

How do you pay for its services?

Testmate provides several option for convenient payment methods such as, online payment using credit-cards, payment through mobile phones, payment via cheque (by putting it in drop-box at any ICICI drop box) or by directly mailing the Demand-Draft to our office.

Feel before pay anything?

Yes. There are many free demonstration tests available on the site. They are available to all registered users. And may we remind it again, the registration is absolutely FREE!

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Testing Service Model  

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Benefits of using TESTmate  
Testmate provides distinct advantages over regular pencil-paper based tests or other online tests. It not only helps you to improve your efficiency, but it helps you to improve your understanding of the given subject.

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Saves Time  
Taking the tests online at testmate.in saves you the time you'd spend on being physically present at the test centre. It further saves time you spend in matching the correct answers yourself when you are using a guide-book for practice. Here results are displayed instantly with a click.
Gives Comparative Performance Analysis  
Comparative performance-analysis charts generated by testmate site, tell you how you have fared against other test-takers on the site. You can also monitor your progress by comparing your own scores over previously taken tests.
Provides 'Review & Learn' Sessions  
All practice-tests on the site allow you to go for a review session where the questions presented to you are displayed with correct answer options. There is another variety of tests called "PRACTICE & LEARN" tests that have a provision for detailed solutions to help you understand how to arrive at the answer.
Facilitates Unlimited Practice Sessions  
Every time you attempt a test session, a new practice test is generated. This is enabled through a specially-developed randomization algorithm that automatically prepares a test similar to real life exams from a rich databank created by experts. You can therefore take as many practice tests as you require with the right mix of questions, just for you.