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Thyristor Control of Electric Drives
Vedam Subrahmanyam

Price: Rs 595
ISBN: 9780074603413
Pub Date: DEC-87
Publish Status: In Stock
Copyright Year: 1988

About the book 

The book provides tools for the analysis of electrical machines fed on thyristor converters. A detailed exposition of dc and ac drives is given for making the right choice of drive for a required job to give the desired performances. The aspect of phase controlled converters, inverters, frequency conversion using these converters and the method of improving the line conditions are discussed in detail. Mathematical modelling of both dc and ac motors is given. The aspects of performance of induction and synchronous motors of variable frequency supplies are provided. Also discussed are the features of dc motors operating on converters with respect to commutation, speed range, etc. Methods of improvement in the performance are suggested. A short description of micro-processors in the control of thyristorised ac and dc drives is also included.

The approach adopted is simple. Feature of the converters have been dealt with without any mathematical derivation. The matrix equations of the motors are derived giving due consideration to the physical behaviour of the motor. The features of variable frequency operation with constant flux are brought out.

The book would serve as a useful text for undergraduate courses in electric drives. It would also be a valuable reference for practising engineers involved with static power converters and drives.



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