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S.M.A. Kazimi

Price: Rs 625
ISBN: 9780074517154
Pages: 450
Pub Date: SEP-01
Publish Status: In Stock
Copyright Year: 2004


Presents a new approach to the study of conventional strength of materials by integrating the basic concepts of elasticity and plasticity with the traditional methods of strength of materials.Studentstherefore get a better insight into the usual structural phenomena like bending, torsion, bucking, etc. and strain energy, creep, fatigue etc. thus, even while using approximate methods, the reader keeps in mind the effect of these approximations and gives them due weightage at the time of design. The text is divided into two parts.The first deals with materials properties and theories of stress and strain, and the second with common topics of structural mechanics. A thorough coverage of elasticity and plasticity and due emphasis on design aspects (for beams, columns, shafts, springs, etc) are the distinct features of this book. Emphasis has been laid on fundamentals and basic structural phenomena incorporating a practical approach to analysis and design problems. A large number of solved and unsolved examples on various aspects of the problems discussed have been added to supplement the text effectively.



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