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Fundamentals of Mathematical Analysis
G. Das, S. Pattanayak

Price: Rs 245
ISBN: 9780074515730
Pages: 388
Pub Date: AUG-07
Publish Status: In Stock
Copyright Year: 2004


An undergraduate basic text covering all necessary topics in a simple and systematic manner. It presents classical results in the background of the present structural setting, giving motivation for ideas introduced in the text, thus, making the text more relevant to present-day needs. An attempt has been made to convey the most difficult ideas from the most common and natural notions, without diluting the standard. The main thrust of the book is on completeness, convergence, limit and continuity, differentiation and integration. The book exercises with answers. It is ideally suited as a textbook for a first course on mathematical analysis, either at the undergraduate or postgraduate level or as an aid to self-study.



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