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Standard Handbook of Machine Design
Joseph Shigley, Charles Mischke, Thomas Brown

Price: Rs 8757
ISBN: 9780071441643
Pages: 1200
Pub Date: JUL-04
Publish Status: In Stock
Copyright Year: 2004


For more than a decade, machine designers have relied on this definitive handbook for fast, accurate answers to virtually all their design questions. Packed with worked-out problems and numerical examples, the Handbook provides the most practical, up-to-date information available on basic design considerations and the creation of specific elements.

Contents: Codes * Regulations * Statistical Considerations * Measurements and Inference Numerical Methods * Computational Considerations * Wear * Solid Materials * The Strength of Cold-Worked and Heat-Treated Steels * Usability * Safety * Minimizing Engineering Effort * Strength Under Static Circumstances * Fundamentals of Arc Welding * Instabilities in Beam and Columns * Curved Beams and Riveted Joints * Springs * Lubrication *Gaskets * Rolling-Contact Bearings * Couplings * Structural Plastics and Adhesives * Clutches and Brakes * Belt Drives * Chain Drives * Spur Gears * Bevel and Hypoid Gears * Helical Gears * Worm Gearing * Cycle Analysis * Fluid Power Systems and Circuit Design * Corrosion * Noise and Its Control * Gear Trains * Robots and Smart Machines * Sections and Shapes-Tabular Data * Stress * Deflection



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