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Natural Resource Economics
Barry Field

Price: Rs 1193.85
ISBN: 9780071189347
Pub Date: JAN-01
Publish Status: In Stock
Copyright Year: 2000

About the book 

Barry Field is an authority on natural resource economics and has a successful Irwin/McGraw-Hill book Environmental Economics: An Introduction, 0-07-021498-0 (©1997). Natural Resource Economics will be a companion to that book. This new text will examine how we as humans decide to use our natural resources, will highlight some of the mistakes we have made in doing so, and will teach students to analyze these decisions. Students will become more informed about the choices we make in shaping and managing our natural world. The guiding principle of the book is to present the necessary concepts in an accessible, but rigorous way at the introductory level, and then see how they apply to some of the important questions we face about natural resource use.



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