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Managing Global Software Projects
Gopalaswamy Ramesh

Price: Rs 485
ISBN: 9780070598973
Pages: 388
Pub Date: FEB-05
Publish Status: In Stock
Copyright Year: 2005

About the book 

Praise for the book
"The book is a well-timed and well-deserved addition to the ‘core’ books that comprise the growing literature on managing large complex software development projects that are developed by professional teams distributed across the globe... the credentials, credibility and rich experience of the author gives the right stamp of approval for the work reported in the book; the author has demonstrated his ability to execute high-quality, large-scale projects for Oracle - the global 'thought leader' in software - using teams that span multiple timezones, cultures and languages during some of the most exciting and most difficult periods. -Business Line Sowmyanarayanan Sadagopan Director, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore

"The strength of the book lies in providing live, real-life approach to software project management to an extent it demystifies the complexities. -Deccan Herald T R Madanmohan

"This book holds special relevance and is very appropriately time. For one, the ‘off-shore development’ and the 'India Development Center' model is gaining enormous popularity. This means that whoever is in the business of software exports will invariably end up working in this model. Project management in this case would assume a whole new dimension over and above the ‘plain vanilla’ project management that most managers are trained in. Things like ‘distributed engineering and handling ‘multi-site’ projects will be inevitable. Most treatises miss out on this, but this book is pragmatic." -Softwaredioxide.com

Software development worldover has drastically changed and the rules of the game are being continually rewritten. The typical changes that can be observed and experienced in the area of managing software projects are:

  • Vanishing Geographical Boundaries
  • Shrinking Product Life Cycles
  • Increasing Competition
  • Changing Business Models
  • Commoditization of Technology

  • In order to succeed and cater to this ever-changing scenario, products need to reach the markets faster, with higher quality and harness the global resources.

    Managing Global Software Projects about the three dimensions of Software Project Management people, process and technology - and the interactions between them, particularly when the team is geographically distributed. The book focuses on the following:

    1. Project management issues that confront global and distributed teams

    2. A fair balance across the three dimensions - people, process and technology - contributing to the success of geographically distributed teams

    3. Practical examples of the things that work and the common pitfalls

    4. Descriptive frameworks rather than prescriptive formulae

    5. Coverage of some of the issues vital for a project's success, for example the skill set required for each function, business significance of process models, etc.

    This book also covers the key practice areas of CMM and the 20 clauses of ISO-9001.

    With this coverage Managing Global Software Projects would enable the:
  • Practitioners to appreciate the real basis for many of the processes
  • Teachers to find enrichment in term of the real-life examples
  • Students to comprehend the nature of software projects in the industry and become better prepared to enter the industry



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