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Mobile Computing
Asoke K Talukder, Roopa Yavagal

Price: Rs 495
ISBN: 9780070588073
Pub Date: SEP-05
Publish Status: In Stock
Copyright Year: 2005

About the book 

Mobile computing technology address challenges that enable the realization of the global village concept where people can seamlessly access any information from anywhere though any device, while stationary or even at a state of mobility. This book covers all the communication technologies starting from First Generation to Third Generation cellular technologies, wired telecommunication technology, wireless LAN (WiFi), and wireless broadband (WiMax). It covers intelligent networks (IN) and emerging technologies like mobile IP, IPv6, and VoIP (Voice over IP).

Written by a professional who has worked on several technologies, the book is replete with illustrations, examples, programs, interesting asides and much more! A storehouse of the most recent developments in the world of wireless, the book aims to fulfil the growing information and knowledge needs of a vast segment of interested audience: students, professionals, teachers and even non-technical people.

Since it provides the big picture of all the technologies from CTI (computer telephony interface) to 3G (third generation)including Bluetooth, IN, WiFi, and WiMax, as well as the service creation aspects, the book would be an indispensable repository of contemporary developments in the ever-expanding field of wireless services and mobile computing.



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